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What motivates you and gets you excited? Would a pay raise do it? Getting the gift you've always wanted? Finding and making new friends? Your favorite team wins the big game?

We all have something that motivates us. There is a story of a circus clown whos hat fell off during a routine with elephants. One of the big fellas sat down on the clown's hat and would not budge. The clown yelled, tried to pick the elephant off the hat, even kicked at his bottom, all to no avail. The elephant didn't pay him any more attention than he would a buzzing fly. So exasperated, the clown sat down and started eating peanuts thinking how to get the elephant to move. The peanuts got the elephant's attention. He got up and walked over to the clown begging for some. A preacher had been watching the drama unfold from the stands. It suddenly dawned on him that all his urging, crabbing, and struggle trying to move his congregation was not going to work. What he had to do was motivate them to discover a new purpose. That was the answer to get them to move and become involved in outreach ministry.

The Bible says, without vision, the people perish. The true motivation for any church and individual Believer is to ask God for a fresh vision of His holy purpose and will for our lives. It is far too easy to slip into a dangerous rut and routine week after week and watch ministry and missions die without any moving of the Holy Spirit. It is amazing to know this can happen right under our noses even in the midst of busy activity. People think they are doing 'good' because they are involved when actually they see little progress in their life and ministry. It is important to continually seek the face of the Lord and ask Him to allow you to become involved in whatever He is about. When a church sees God moving, saving, delivering desperate souls from hell's grasp, then the motivation for service and godliness revives.

Ask God to stir in you and in your church a renewed vision for life in Christ and missions. Look for those many opportunities to share your faith and win someone to Him. You will find that lost motivation for ministry will return when you share with others what Jesus has done for you.

May God richly bless and encourage your heart before Him.

Dr. Michael Pope, Pastor